Hi All,

Riviera studios were launched in May 2009 and we’ve already been working on a variety of productions including; Full Band Recordings, Radio Ads, Corporate Voice Overs, Solo Artists and Full Album productions.

The aim of the studio is to get people involved in the ever evolving sound media and entertainment industry of South-Africa and to better the standard and quality of S.A. productions. I’ve attained my diploma in Sound Engineering from The Academy of Sound Engineering Auckland Park, Johannesburg. I’ve received my certificate for an Authorized Pro-tools HD Operator in Music Production and have a degree in Communication Studies. The Studio is Equipped with Pro-Tools 8.0.4 software and is rigged for optimal quality, making use of top range Focusrite Octopre pre amps and the 96I/O A/D converter by Digidesign.

Sincerely yours

Pieter Stanton

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