The Studio

Our services include the recording and mixing of any:

Musical Material, Up to 16 simultaneous tracks, Voice overs, Dialogue mix-downs, Radio ads & Jingles, Demo cd’s, Producing and Backtracks.

Extra Services included; CD Design and duplication, Video Editing and Post-Production, Rehearsal Space available

  • The Studio
  • The Studio
  • The Studio
  • The Studio


The studio is fully equipped with the latest Pro-Tools 8.0 software and lets be a little more specific about the hardware:

  • 1x Apple Mac Pro (Dual Qaud Core)
  • 2x Samsung HD 23″ Screens
  • 2x Focusrite OctoPre Pre Amps
  • 1x 96I/O Digital interface (digidesign)
  • 1X Command 8
  • 1x Rene 32 Band EQ
  • 1x BBE Maximizer

With all the latest top of the range and standard RTAS and TDM Plugins for superior sound quality and processing.


  • 1x AKG Solid Tube – Instrument & vocals
  • 1x Beyer Dynamic M201 – Instrument
  • 2x Beringer B2 condensers – Room & Instrument
  • 1x Shure SM 57 – Instrument
  • 1x Samson 7kit – Drums


  • 1x SONOR 7Piece kit
  • 1x Line6 Spider Valve Amp
  • 1x MG100 Marshall Stack
  • 1x Bernard Steiner Upright Piano
  • 1x Gibson Les Paul Guitar
  • 1x Martin Acoustic Guitar
  • 1x Takamine Acoustic Guitar
  • 1x M-Audio Oxygen61 Midi Keyboard


  • 4x Fostex T20RP
  • 1x Fostex T40RP
  • 1x AKG K66
The Studio
The Studio
The Studio